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The Economist's Innovations@Work Conference: Future of Work

Silicon Valley Business Institute | Blockchain | GDIS 2018 Panel Discussion PM

Innovation X Roundtable – Future of Work: Digital Transformation, Emerging Technologies, and Automation

These are the Four Pillars to the Future of Work

Singularity University Colloquium

Top Enterprise Opportunities

Speaking Topics:

Future of Work

The future generation of leaders will be internet native and blockchain savvy influencers. With exponential technologies including AI, AR/VR and blockchain that rapidly change our work, our workforce and our workplace, the future of work will be shaped by entrepreneurial minds who can effectively leverage these exponential technologies and its value drivers to bring the most innovative solutions. This session covers top challenges and opportunities in equipping the future generations of leaders for success, exponential technologies driving innovative solutions, as well as select case studies from some of the most renowned corporates and startups alike across the world.

Future of Finance: AI & Blockchain

The explosion of coronavirus as well as recent market volatility has accelerated changes in every industry, particularly financial services and banking, making this discussion around the future of finance more relevant than ever. With these changes, we are on the verge of one of the most significant technological transformations in modern history – with vast implications for financial institutions and banking, including both tremendous challenges as well as great opportunities. It is important to understand how exponential technologies, including AI and blockchain,  augment and empower financial services. This talk covers 1) top exponential technologies impacting the future of finance, with a focus on AI/big data and blockchain, 2) how these exponential technologies have been leveraged by some of the largest financial institutions as well as most promising fintech startups around the world (with a focus on the US and China) to bring exponential change to their respective businesses, and 3) future opportunities for financial services professionals and organizations from payments and lending to capital markets and asset management, especially given the impact of COVID-19.

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